Launch Partying Into Space

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016 in Blog


It’s safe to say the best way to celebrate an accomplishment or to kick off the start of something exciting is a big, fat P-A-R-T-Y! Because you gotta! ($20 if you can name that movie.) Forever an Astronaut did just that this past month because, believe me, these astronauts have much to celebrate. They’re not only launching their new studio location, but they’re also rocketing their careers! (Warning: Puns ahead!)


I don’t know if it’s their quirky style or cool vibes, but the astronauts truly have a universal grasp at fantastic filmmaking. (I know, these puns are coming at comet-like speed.) Forever an Astronaut held their launch party at their new studio location in the Central West End, where they share a space with Squarefruit Labs. The celebration was a subtle yet successful gathering of clients, collaborators, friends and family. Drinks were drank, laughs were had, and they Spotify-ed and chilled all night long. Most importantly, though, the astronauts showcased their sweet new spot where they will continue to craft some sweet new films into next year.



Forever an Astronaut is blasting off into 2017 by premiering their documentary series, Dev Diary, on January 21, 2017 on Steam, VHX and Vimeo On Demand. If you haven’t caught a glimpse yet, it revolves around a local video game development company and the story of the family that is at its core. I’ll let the spotlight videos speak for themselves, but, needless to say, the astronauts have worked incredibly hard to produce a terrific series that is out of this world. (Okay, that was the last pun…maybe.)


Co-owners Alessio Summerfield and James Reichmuth Cheers to Friends and Family at Forever an Astronaut’s Launch Party.

And Dev Diary is just the beginning of 2017 for the astronauts as they have several projects on the books. Hint: a potential play (and we definitely aren’t talking about a hail marry) and maybe even an original take on the famous scientist creates sapient monster tale–stay tuned!


Whether you’re on the lookout for a fresh documentary style, original shorts, or if you just need to rent the studio space(ship), the astronauts have your back! Even if you don’t need them to do the dirty work for you, the fully loaded space at Squarefruit Studio is available for rent.

So don’t be a spacey next time you need any kind of lift with any sort of video. Remember to give the astronauts a buzz (Aldrin) because if it’s one thing they know, it’s storytelling. Be it a project for you or your client, your mission truly becomes the astronauts’ and the end result will be astronomically amazing. (Yes, that was officially the last pun of this post. You’re welcome.)