EYEZ On Trains

“Eyez on Trains”

Thanks to:
Nick Pistone, Irene Bosnjak, Eddie Bauer, Will Rimmel, Cam Williams, Jason Deem, Jacob Franvios, Ellenor Shepley, Lee Larkin, Chad Stuemke, Mike “The Train Guy”, Hoffman LaChance, The Wollaeger Family, Joe from Weathering Solutions, Sven White, Bill Streeter, Jordan Massey, Dave and Holly Combs, 4 Hands Brewery, and Strange Donuts

Props to THE LAST JOHNY ON THE LEFT ( for the VHS Overlay footage.

Produced by
Forever An Astronaut

Peat "EYEZ" Wollaeger

Cameron Hill + American Girl Reporter

  • A Life of Review

  • The Crimson Fist

  • The Audition