Dev Diary Season One — The Road to MAGFest 2017

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For those of you that have been keeping up with Forever an Astronaut‘s first ever, full-blown, internationally distributed, independently produced, strictly for entertainment, documentary series, Dev Diary, you surely know that the world premiere of the project will be January 6th, 2017 at 9PM in the Gaylord Convention Center, conveniently located in National Harbor, Maryland at MAGFest 2017. For everyone else: WHAT THE HELL?!

In a nutshell, we (the astronauts) were approached by the programmer for MAGFest’s Games on Film block of programming for the 2017 MAGFest while Dev Diary Season One was still being called Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story (we were so young!) and being paraded around town on Kickstarter and the like. Even though the film eventually became the series that you know (hopefully) and will love (hopefully) in the very near future, we kept one hold-over from those halcyon days: the feature cut that was selected to appear at MAGFest.

“What’s a MAGFest?”, I hear some of you asking yourselves — well, MAGFest stands for Music and Gaming Festival (though it was originally the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Festival) and it takes place every year (as it has since 2002) in the Washington D.C. metro area, though it will soon have TWO WHOLE COASTS! Keeping things brisk, it’s this super cool festival with arcade cabinets, chiptune and video game cover acts, a full blown LAN party, and, most importantly to this tale, a Gaming-themed film screening room.

Your favorite astro-boys and astro-girls will be premiering their hard work, alongside 20,000 of our closest friends (total strangers) and Sam Coster of Butterscotch Shenanigans, on the Friday of 2017’s festival and we’ll be closing out our time-slot with a Q&A featuring the aforementioned Sam, lead editor Cameron Hill, and series creators and executive producers James Reichmuth and Alessio Summerfield.

If you’re heading out to MAGFest in 2017, LET US KNOW! We’d love to sync up with fans and friends while we’re away from home, and it’s our first major festival as a company, so help us celebrate!

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