Dev Diary

The Coster brothers are some of the fastest game developers in St. Louis, but they’ve spent the last two years working on only one game.

Dev Diary season one focuses on the release of Butterscotch Shenanigans’s Crashlands, and how it has been saving Sam Coster’s life while he battles cancer.

Dev Diary is produced by Forever an Astronaut and is now available on Steam, Vimeo On DemandVHX. You can also follow along with Dev Diary on YouTube to be the first to see our developer spotlight series and deleted scenes from the main show.

Music from Dev Diary courtesy of Sarah Wahoff (in collaboration with Canaan Long (P/T)) and Fat Bard. Crashlands and Butterscotch Shenanigans are available here.

“Not only could “Dev Diary” turn out to be a strong docu-series in its own right — which it will, if the pilot is any indication — but it could also inspire more people to try their hands at creating a video game. That can only be a good thing.”
– Jesse Singal, Global Correspondent (The Boston Globe)

“… the project’s success came down to three factors: Crashlands’ status as a major gaming release that came from a relatively small Midwestern city, Sam’s personal story overcoming a major disease, and the brother’s relationships.”
– Willis Ryder Arnold (St. Louis Public Radio)



Created by
James Reichmuth & Alessio Summerfield

Executive Producers
James Reichmuth & Alessio Summerfield

Dylan Kress

Alessio Summerfield
Dylan Kress

2nd Unit Camera
Cameron Hill
Ian Powers
James Reichmuth

Additional St. Louis Footage by
Benjamin Dewhurst

Additional Media Provided by
Julie Augustine
Butterscotch Shenanigans
Wes Ehrlichman
Living the Nerd Life

Fan Art Provided by
Natasha Matthews

Cameron Hill

Assistant Editors
Alessio Summerfield
James Reichmuth

Original Music
Sarah Wahoff (
in collaboration with Canaan Long (P/T) (
Fat Bard (

Additional Music
American Girl Reporter
Black Ant
Cameron Hill
Kevin MacCleod
Eric Skiff
Chris Zabriskie

Special Thanks
Butterscotch Shenanigans
Chico Weber
The Coster Family
Ryan Dampf
Edward Domain
Graphite Lab
Happy Badger Studio
Living the Nerd Life
Carol Mertz
Squarefruit Labs
St. Louis Game Developers Co-op
Stuart Keating

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