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—————————-START SEQUENCE—————————-

010617_12:02:56pm : excitedly rushed to the hotel room after check-in and parking so that the crew could survey the full surface of the magfest. first — guest badges then — scanning the perimeter for places with the possibility of marketing the screening then — getting sidetracked by cosplayers as far as the eye could see then — finding the coveted pc video game museum room then — trying to find lunch in the vip / guest room then — some laps around the merchant room then — back to the room to regroup and analyze the schedule of events.

010617_19:07:14pm : dinner with samuel coster of butterscotch shenanigans in the vip / guest room — mashed potatoes chicken and tangy sauce with a few cuties and veggie straws for good measure. discussion about turn out and anxiety and nerves and excitement and what had been seen at the festival by everyone already and samuel told stories of past conventions and festivals and then discussion of drinking before the screening and then dispersion.

010617_20:15:36pm : standing at the hotel bar the crew gets a beer and two dirty vodka martinis [potentially — records may not be accurate on this front] and then the crew hurriedly ingests their fluids and heads towards the screening auditorium. mr. chad williams welcomes the crew and introduces the film [with a forward by alessio summerfield] and then the presentation begins and the lights diminish.

010617_22:47:44pm : lights replenish and applause happens. there is a question and answers section and the crew does its best to act jovial and friendly. answers are given and more applause is returned. some spectators linger to discuss further and the crew feels good to have shown the film.

010617_23:56:08pm : the crew explores the after-hours events and finds a concert hall filled with potential friends. lots of pictures with cosplayers and conversations in elevators. much laughter and tiredness sets in and the crew fades away.

010717_~~:~~:~~a/pm : one crew member sees family. one crew member has an old friend join the party. one crew member meets george weidman of super bunnyhop on an escalator. one crew member spectates a break-dance competition set to video game music. the whole crew watches chiptune music performances. the whole crew enjoys video games. matt is the crew. the whole crew is informed of an encore screening of the film dev diary happening 010817. the whole crew celebrates and finds more alcoholic beverages. the whole crew watches a cosplay dance off. matt is the crew. the whole crew gets lost. some of the crew get tired. one of the crew suggests getting rest before the encore. the whole crew agrees and sleeps.

010817_09:45:15am : the crew prepares to eject the hotel room and packs up all of its cargo to load the vehicle with. checking out procedures commence and the crew reunites at the encore hall. a “lazy sunday” encore performance screening draws in more viewers. they also enjoy the film and discuss with the crew. our astronauts bid samuel coster farewell and descend upon a local mcdonalds with double the stomach capacity of what the crew should physically have. fed and gassed — the crew leaves the literal east coast to head back to the center of the country.

—————————-MISSION ACCOMPLISHED—————————-