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—————————-START SEQUENCE—————————-

010517_01:35:00am : travels begin – spirits are high. drive from st. louis missouri to national harbor maryland will take approximately 785 minutes. sun still isnt in view – the whole world is obsidian. wont stop for lunch until ohio.

010517_03:17:24am : already wishing we wouldve broken open our piggy banks and torn apart our floorboards for some flight money. hard to focus on 4 hrs of sleep, 3 cups of coffee, and nearly 1000 miles left to ride.

010517_05:23:12am : found some crystal pepsi at a gas station feat. animals made of bullet casings. spirits soar. jokes flying left and right. the group wonders how big cosplay will factor into magfest life. still cold.

010517_09:00:00am : in columbus ohio – making phone calls and gassing vehicle. stopping at a taco bell. whole group agrees that this is a bad idea for the time of the day, but road trips = taco bell and the group smiles.

010517_11:12:07am : crewmember discovered missing garments and identification. columbus taco bell is called, 3 employees and a manager are asked for visual on lost items – all negative. driver decides its worth it to turn around.

010517_13:48:53pm : taco bell building had eaten the garments and identification – they were tucked under a seat. crew very upset with taco bell and setback, but happy to not have lost important documents. back to the road.

010517_17:13:44pm : sweet lord – northeast is so so pretty. rolling hills covered in dead trees and snow as far as the eye can see. two of the crew are alabama boys, so this is “wild as f***”.

010517_19:37:33pm : immediately slammed with massive snow storm rolling in. black skies, no sun, all snow tunnel vision kicks in. boys get scared and take an exit. at a gas station the crew converses with suspendered man who could easily be made of cigarette smoke and talks of a woman in southern missouri he once dated. says snow will get worse and to take shelter. crew spends the night at a microtel across from a major prison in a small town in west virginia. missed magfest prom 2017 – sadness fills the hotel room. sleep on empty stomachs since the storm caused closers and the last gas station closed on us. anxiety and excitement for the dev diary premiere come over the crew in waves.

010617_04:45:00am : screams. screams. the screams will not stop. one of the crew awoke early and approached the window to see how different the world had become overnight and then… screams. the other two crewmembers snapped to attention, still enraptured in sleep, and screamed as men losing their lives. all in a stand-still of screaming and then – silence. much discussion and laughter as the crew had what they were having at the continental breakfast station, and then back to the road.

010617_10:58:17am : gaylord convention center parking lot. crew splits up to check in, and disembark. much energy in the air and dozens and dozens and dozens of people all around. cosplay, movie posters, events, bands in the hallways, teams of skulls screaming at the top of their lungs, and a beautiful wall of glass separating the world of mag from the real one. this was magfest.